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When Netflix released this TV show called “Atelier”, it was produced by Fuji Television in partnership with Netfix, there are not many TV shows that focus on the fashion industry. But this gem, Atelier, is one of a kind TV show that focuses on lingerie or underwear as known in Japan by a fashion designer who had been designing and sewing for 30 years since this fashion designer first started. This fashion designer is a trailblazer in the lingerie category in the fashion industry because in general the Japanese tend to frown down on women’s underwear, but the president, Mayumi Nanjo, is known for her innovative and beautiful designs that caters to some women’s fantasy of beautiful things. Nanjo is a dead ringer for well known figure, Anna Wintour, the Editor of Vogue. This story centers around the president, Mayumi Nanjo, and a young woman who joined the crew working at Emotion fashion house. Emotion is the brand of the lingerie Nanjo designs. This young woman is known as Mayuko Tokita, she’s a fabric geek that knows her stuff on fabrics. At first Tokita had experienced a rough start working for President Nanjo at Emotion fashion house but sometimes things happened for a reason and many lessons to be learned. Let’s say the rest is history. This show is well crafted, good acting and plenty of eye candy in a tasteful and classy way that steers away from trashy factor. This TV show isn’t to be missed and is a must to watch on your watchlist. You can learn more about this TV show by visiting Netflix’s website: Atelier

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