“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”


— Coco Chanel

Does a woman know what to put together an outfit to wear to work each morning? How to rock an outfit while doing her best at work?
Welcome to Grey Mode, a fashion & lifestyle blog established by Amy with an enthusiasm for all things business and style in January 2017, featuring either her own work style or what’s on the runway. Business or work style ranges everything from very conservative to creative casual or modern depending on where you work or the company’s dress code policy whether working in a corporate setting or running your own business.
This blog focuses attention to the working woman who is a seasoned career professional or just starting out in one’s career, including what to wear to an interview, being new on the job, or running a successful business. This blog also offers career and business advice under “Live Like a Boss” page for today’s business and career savvy woman. This blog also covers fashion on the runway, fashion events, after hours fashion for a night out on the town by socializing with friends and family, or professional networking events.
Regardless of the stage where you are at in your life, may this blog be accessible, informative and inspirational whether you are a recent college graduate or an experienced professional at your workplace in any profession.
This blog is also dedicated to my mother, an impeccable professional working woman in her right, and wanted to make a difference too as a professional working woman.